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genaire-main-logoGeneralAire’s patented water tray design on flow-through models assures that the evaporator pad is moistened thoroughly and uniformly for greatest evaporative efficiency. With GENERALAire humidifiers, more water gets into the air instead of running down the drain. You’ll not only feel more comfortable but you’ll save on your water bill as well.

GeneralAire Flow-Through Models 1042 and 1099 are among the most efficient and economical on the market. Indoor air continuously steals moisture from our bodies, plants, furniture and pets. Humidifiers provide moisture to extend wood furniture life, and to help your skin stay moist & soft and keep throat & nasal passages comfortable. That why doctors recommend humidifiers for allergy and asthma sufferers. Flow through evaporative capacities range up to 27 GPD.

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